Descrizione Progetto

Our Story

When we first walked onto the land that was to become Dos Arbolitos, it was the woods that enchanted us.

There were towering bull pines growing alongside massive post oaks, pin oaks, burr oaks and live oaks, a mix unique to this part of Texas. There were fields of yellow coreopsis and the forest was alive with birds.

Our challenge has been to make this amazing setting our home without losing the natural beauty and serenity that first drew us to the land.

By enclosing our new home within the original forest, we sought to preserve the privacy, peace and serenity of the place as we first experienced it and to create and protect the unique woodland setting we had fallen in love with.

We wanted to preserve the sounds and sensations of the woodlands while creating spaces that both respect the land and pay homage to early 20th Century Texas.

Everything we’ve done in building Dos Arbolitos has been carried out with a special sense of stewardship. With each step we took we tried hard to keep in mind that special feeling we had that first day we walked onto the land and were calmed by the fresh feeling of the cool breezes in the middle of summer, enchanted by the choir of birds singing in the virgin forest, and ultimately, swept away by the natural woodland beauty of this place we knew would become our home. And now we want to share the beauty and serenity of Dos Arbolitos with others.